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After the success of our little spoof Bond trailer, Rob and I decided this film-making lark is good fun and that we should make something else, something a bit more ambitious. Well, to say that our current project is “a bit more ambitious” is something of an understatement. Starting early in 2009, we began throwing together some story ideas and sketching some designs for a spaceship…

Yep, we planned to parody Star Trek.

To be fair, it’s not intended as an out-and-out spoof, but rather a heavily-inspired feature with superficial similarities and its tongue lodged firmly in its cheek.

Actually, we originally had two ideas. The first was this; the second was something based on The Terminator. I had envisioned a short action film with minimal special effects and a present day setting, because I wasn’t exactly sure what we could get away with at the time. Yet this starship crew idea seemed more and more appealing the more we thought about it. The main problem would be building a set to film it on, and finding somewhere to put it. The other problem would be the amount of special effects needed throughout, and our script (yes, we wrote a script) would have to reflect these practical limitations (for instance, how much of the ship we could set the story in, what sort of planets we could visit, the nationality of the crew, and so on).

So, while we were still throwing story ideas around, I decided it was time to learn how to do some 3D modelling.

[to be continued…]


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After querying the copyright claim on the basis of fair use / parody, Premium Bond: The Spy Who Taxed Me [trailer] is now back on YouTube after a year’s absence!

This is a good thing, as I can properly embed it now:

See the film/video page for more information on this project.

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Coming together

There are now pages for art and videos, and I’ve changed the theme (again).

This may not be final.

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A fresh start

I have set up this WordPress page as a replacement for my old website, which was getting on a bit.

I will be posting links, pictures, videos, animations and all sorts of other projects in due time. Stay tuned!

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