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With production of my film project, Fallen Star, coming to an end, it’s time to reveal the first of two full trailers.

The idea was to release two trailers in two different styles: one a typically over-the-top Hollywood action-fest, the other a more sedate ‘British’ take on things. One highlights the special effects sequences and small pieces of the plot in no apparent order, the other is made up of some of the more innocuous dialogue or amusing character moments. It, too, is in no apparent order, although it tries to tell a little bit of the story without giving too much away. See the video below to watch the British trailer, and click the embedded link to see the bigger version:

The trailer was made the same week the film was finished, by picking out bits of the footage I thought would work well. I actually made this after the American trailer, but I will be showing that one second. The only sounds used from the finished film were the dialogue. These are the finished pieces of dialogue after the dubbing process. The background noise, sound effects and music were not carried over into this trailer. The music used for it instead is actually the theme tune to Keeping Up Appearances, as I felt it had just the right sort of tone for what I was going for here. The end result is intentionally a bit naff.

Most of the shots were taken from the scenes on the bridge, although I tried to mix it up a bit. Although there are no exterior shots or flashy effects sequences, there are a few shots that show off the digital backgrounds and enhancements. The first is our ‘Admiral’, communicating from the London HQ via the ship’s main viewscreen. The viewscreen wall is a 3D render (a simple one, but our set was simple, so it matches!). Our actor was shot on a green screen (the desk is real, though!) and the background of a futuristic London replaced it in post-production using a simple chromokey plug-in and a bit of fiddling. The window frame behind him is also a 3D render, although you can barely see it. Finally, you may notice the small space shuttle flying past in the background. There are plenty more of those in the final film! This same footage is reused later, which you can see at the end of the trailer, to depict London at night, with the colours altered to more artificial yellows (for the Admiral) and purples (for the city).

A more complicated digital background can be seen further in, which was also a 3D render of a corridor. Additionally, you may notice throughout a few background enhancements like the computer screen graphics, all of which had to be painstakingly inserted by hand (well, mouse). There are more impressive effects, and a healthy dose of excitement, in the ‘American’ trailer, which I will be releasing soon.

For now, enjoy the trailer.


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